Brilliant Boardrooms Coming Soon!

In collaboration with my long-time board-building strategic partner, Lodestone Global, I will be launching an online community and training curriculum for CEOs who want to learn everything they need to know about building and implementing highly effective boards, and who want to connect with other leaders who are passionate about Boards.

Our extensive curriculum will educate our community members on everything they need to consider and know about building Advisory Boards, Director Boards, and Nonprofit Boards.

Lodestone Global is one of the world’s leading board building and board services firms. Together, we encompass the experience, skills, wisdom, and talent required to ensure the creation, implementation, execution, and leadership of both advisory boards and Boards of Directors for all companies, from start-up to multinational, multi-billion-dollar organizations.

Marissa Levin & William Tenenbaum, creators of Brilliant Boardrooms

Our Values, Mission, and Vision

Our Curriculum & Community Mission:

Empowering leaders to build and leverage high-performing boards, which drive exponential growth, leadership development, successful liquidity events, M&A transactions, generational transfers and other critical company strategic objectives.

Our Curriculum & Community Vision:

Elevate all businesses across the globe through the power of high-performing boards.

Our Curriculum & Community Values:







The 3 Pillars of Brilliant Boardrooms

There is an opportunity to unlock and cultivate 3 types of capital in any professional or personal development group:
We are committed to providing:

Invitation to Shape and Join our Beta Community

Brilliant Boardrooms needs your brilliance! It is our intention to create a transformative experience for our members that results in exponential personal and organizational growth. 

If you would like to learn more about our vision, how you can play a part in creating this community, and how you can enroll as a beta student in our course launch, please click below.

Unlocking Collective Wisdom

To create the most powerful and impactful experience possible for our members, we are building a Brilliant Boardrooms Advisory Board (BBAB). We have identified our needs, and have formulated a preliminary list of advisors that will guide us in our journey. 

If you are passionate about boards, community, connection, and continuous learning, and would like to be considered for a BBAB role, please contact us.