Speaking on Boards

I welcome the opportunity to speak to your leadership team, client base, or entrepreneurial community about board-building best practices. My programs are highly impactful, engaging, experiential, and fun. Your attendees will gain great clarity, and will engage in hands on activities using my tools to begin the process of identifying who they need to fill their organization’s “holes and goals.” 

These programs are wonderful opportunities to create win-win-wins – for you, your clients, and your client’s organizations.

“As Educational Services Director and Lead Faculty, I oversee the Goldman Sachs 10KSmall Businesses Program in Baltimore. Marissa is always one of our featured speakers. She typically provides our business owners with great insight on the many benefits of establishing an Advisory Board--Advisory Boards that can help them effectively navigate business challenges and guide them toward taking their companies to the next level. She does an amazing job with everything-connecting with the program's entrepreneurs, inspiring them with narratives from her own personal experience and providing specific advice on how to establish and manage a Board. She is also a great speaker. I highly recommend her for speaking opportunities and for her expertise especially on all things related to corporate advisory boards.”
Sherri Reid
Marissa did an excellent presentation on Advisory Boards for several clients of ours, which also tied to her book, “Built to SCALE.” The presentation was great and very relevant in these changing times. The amount of follow up questions and dialogue were tremendous which further supports the value of what Marissa communicated. We will definitely repeat the session.”
Jim Fennel
Partner at Aronson Accounting