Free Board-Building Tools

I’m happy to provide a library of free tools that leaders can use to begin architecting their boards.  

The process to create an effective board must be intentional in every step, from determining company needs, identifying, interviewing, selecting, & onboarding advisors, creating compensation plans, integrating them into the organization, and offboarding them.

Worksheet: What Expertise Do I Need?

Use this tool to determine what advisors will align best with the holes and goals of your organization.

Worksheet: Board Candidate Interview Questionnaire

Use this tool as a framework to begin the vetting process for potential board members.

Worksheet: Board Member Exit Interview

Similar to exit interviews used when an employee departs, use this tool to collect experience-based feedback and insights from advisors who are rolling off your board, and separating from your company.

White Paper: Six Biggest Mistakes CEOs Make When Selecting Advisory Boards

Download this white paper to learn about the six most common mistakes that can derail your advisory board process.