THE FUTURE IS BORDERLESS®: Joyful Leadership: Six Key Elements to Building a Successful Culture

In this episode, invaluable insights from the collaborations with 14 different government agencies and the strategic use of advisory boards to tackle complex challenges and capitalize on major opportunities.

We dived deep into her six-component joyful leadership model designed to foster vibrant, happy cultures. We also discussed the crucial roles of psychological safety and emotional awareness in leadership, which are especially pertinent in today’s remote work environments.

Learn more about the significance of being intentional when forming advisory boards, choosing the right advisors, and creatively compensating them. 

Prepare to be inspired by Marissa’s wisdom and learn actionable strategies to enhance both your personal and professional life. This episode is sponsored by Doxa Talent, dedicated to helping businesses globally source skilled workers.

Scaling Up Business Podcast: Build a Great Advisory Board​

Do you ever feel fear or anxiety over the unknown future ahead? How can you navigate through something when you don’t know what you don’t know? And more importantly, how can you scale if you’re not sure where you are in your growth stage?Listen to this podcast to get some answers.

Captivate Podcasts: Why Advisory Boards are so Powerful?

Did you know one of the most critical steps for the success of any business is having an advisory board? No matter how big or small your organization is, an advisory board is a necessary component to developing and growing your business and your revenue with intention and integrity.

Building an Advisory Board? Remember These 5 Strategies to Land The Right Advisors

One of the smartest growth initiatives a business owner can implement is an advisory board: a hand-selected group of advisors that believe in your leadership, are aligned with your culture and mission, and are committed to your success.

If you are considering implementing an advisory board, check out the first steps to attract and recruit your best advisors in this article.